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bathtub refinishing


Bathtub refinishing evolved into an essential part of the renovation industry. In the Greater Toronto area, Loumerico Bathtub Refinishing offers a service that allows the homeowners to completely restore bathtubs, sinks, counter tops and ceramic wall tiles without the expensive costs of replacement.

bathtub reglazing

Saving the environment, one bathtub at a time!


Our 20 years of experience in refinishing bathtubs, sinks, ceramic wall tiles, repairing newly installed or damaged surfaces as well as providing fast, reliable service, helped to grow the refinishing industry into an essential part of the massive renovation business. Refinishing will always deliver maximum aesthetic satisfaction, with extreme cost effectiveness and keeping all the original materials in place for another decade or longer, adding an unbelievable value to the environmental importance of our business activity.


If we were refinishing only one bathtub every working day, in just one year we would keep hundreds of tons of twisted pieces of metal, shattered old colored ceramic tiles, broken two by fours and all kind of demolition materials from ending up in dump yards and weakening the health of our environment.

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bathtub repairs
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